Helping Our Struggling Neighbors

Rowena’s Request


To the Jonnycake Community,

I have a heart full of gratitude for all that you have done for me.  Thank you.

My name is Rowena and I have multiple sclerosis. Like many seniors in our community, I count on the Jonnycake Center for a monthly delivery of groceries.

The delivery always includes beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and eggs, meats, and other basic foods.  Also included are special hygiene items that I need each and every day.

In September I was honored to be invited to speak to generous Jonnycake supporters who have opened their hearts to so many local residents like me.  It was very emotional.

I told the crowd of attendees that often times when I speak with staff on the phone, I am in tears and they ask, “Rowena, what’s wrong?” I tell them “Nothing is wrong. These are tears of joy for all that you do for me.”

This holiday season, I hope you will continue to support the Jonnycake Center so they can provide healthy food to hundreds of others in our community who need a little extra help.

Thank you and may God bless you, and he will.




Rowena Fayerweather
South Kingstown, Rhode Island

P.S.  As of the end of October, the Center had made 447 senior deliveries with enough food for 9,387 meals for homebound seniors like me.