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An Act of Giving (Independent, 11.26.15)

New Englanders have a long established history of charity and imparting good will to our neighbors, as this act of community greeted our forebearers in the New World. When the first settlers from Europe arrived and struggled to eke out aSIRV living, they were taught by the Native American peoples to make the cornmeal fritters we’ve come to know as jonnycakes. These hearty and vital cakes served as an ideal dietary staple and the origin of the modern jonnycake is often attributed to Rhode Island.

In fostering that same tradition of community, the staff of Jonnycake Center of Peace Dale and Southern Rhode Island Volunteers also provide dietary staples in annual Thanksgiving dinner baskets for seniors, neighbors with disabilities, and needy Rhode Island families. With baskets brimming with potatoes, stuffing, vegetables and whole turkeys, drivers and volunteers distributed cheer and healthy meals to home-bound seniors citizens Nov. 20, while on a bright Monday morning, grateful families formed a line out the door of Jonnycake Center’s Food Pantry, 1183B Kingstown Road, Peace Dale, to receive their own holiday dinner basket.

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