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Annual Appeal

Help us expand access to new and innovative programming with a donation to the Jonnycake Center of Peace Dale.

Thanks to the generous support we receive from our donors, there is one more family that no longer has to rely on us for food.  That is the best outcome we can hope for!

So many families in our community are just a car repair or a health crisis away from hunger and homelessness.  This was the case for Rebecca and her family.  Thanks to our donors’ support, they had a place to turn for help.

Rebecca’s husband, James, lost his full-time job during the recession.  As a result, they both began working part-time jobs that only paid a fraction of their previous earnings, and their health insurance had higher co-pays with less coverage. 

 Being underinsured became a real problem when their daughter, Olivia, started to develop significant mental health challenges in high school.  Like any parents, Rebecca and James did whatever they had to do in order to get Olivia the care she needed.  They found themselves paying hundreds of dollars a month to hospitals and health care providers which left them unable to make ends meet without assistance.

We sat down with Rebecca to better understand her situation and discovered that based on her family’s income, Olivia was eligible for public health insurance.  Our member services staff assisted with the application and enrollment process to ensure it went smoothly.  Now fully insured, Rebecca and James no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars every month to ensure Olivia is able to access quality health care and can once again get by without visiting the food pantry.

Success stories like these are only possible because of your generosity.

Your donations allow us to stock our pantry with healthy food for families facing unexpected hardships.  Donated funds also make it possible for us to hire compassionate and knowledgeable staff who can help our visitors connect with resources and navigate complex systems, like health care.

Please consider giving a gift today so we can help more families get on a path towards economic security!

 On behalf of Rebecca, James, and Olivia, thank you for making a lasting impact in our community. 

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