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Hunger in South County

Hunger is a problem in every corner of the state, including Washington County. The southern coastal community is known as a vacation destination, with world class restaurants, beachfront homes, and a beloved fishing community.  But many local residents work in seasonal jobs or jobs that pay wages that are too low to support a family.

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Feeding America published this fact sheet which shows that in 2014, close to 12 percent (14,590) of Washington County residents were food insecure.

The Jonnycake Center invited everyone who came to us for a Thanksgiving basket in 2015 to complete a questionnaire.  We asked our visitors about satisfaction with our food pantry, as well as their health, financial needs, and food security.  Close to 160 people out of a total of 210 individuals who visited the pantry that day answered our questions.

The survey reveals that while the Center gets high marks for its customer service and facilities, many of our visitors still experience food insecurity.  In fact, more than 2 out of 5 of respondents have very low food security, meaning they have had disruptions or reductions in food intake during the previous year.

Read a summary of the survey results.