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Mother’s Day Card

Happy Mother’s Day!

In your honor, a gift has been given to support the work of the Jonnycake Center of Peace Dale.

TO:  Brooke Goodwin         FROM:  Mom

TO:  Phyllis Tucker             FROM:  Linda D. Tucker
Winifred Hodgson

TO:  Marge Whalen            FROM:  J. & J. Felice
Connie Felice

In memory of Sharon Etter   FROM:  James and Heather Etter

In memory of Mary A. Masterson   FROM:  Ann Masterson

TO:  Nessa Richman           FROM:  Sandra Enos and Roberta Richman

TO:  Janet Morrison           FROM:  Susan K. Morrison

In honor of the Butler, Claudino and Neri Families  FROM:  Jen Claudino

TO:  Rita Gagne                    FROM:  Joe Gagne
Kathy Leonard
Delores Berard
Marsha Leonard

TO:  Paddy Hannigan         FROM:  Patrick Hannigan
Phyllis Dailey
Virginia Hannigan

In memory of Michelle Goodwin   FROM:  Christine Ellis

In memory of Dorothy Townsend Fisher  FROM:  Dorothy Leduc

TO:  Joan Theresa Engelman      FROM:  Richard Engleman
Karen E. Sprague
Kathleen A. Gulla

TO:  Marjorie Rosenthal Foer      FROM:  Sam & Gord
Laura Jaffe

TO:  Erin Arnold                              FROM:  Launch Trampoline Park
Danielle Dunn
Patricia Mobley
Lora Verdolette

TO:  Georgia Chamberas               FROM:  Paulette Chamberas
Michelle Mania
Anne Mania
Tara Eglin

TO:  Kathleen McDonald             FROM:  Ann McDonald Mernick

TO:  Alta M. Rogers                       FROM:  Jan R Martin
Dorothy B Trehy
Christina Lipari