It is no secret that the South County housing market has become increasingly unaffordable. Families and seniors with deep roots in this community, many dating back centuries, are finding it difficult to afford to stay here.  These families deserve to inhabit their homeland, preserve their heritage, and their grandchildren should be able to enjoy our strong education system, outdoor spaces, and close-knit community. Our local economy requires workers to support tourism and hospitality, health care for the aging, and our beloved agriculture and fishing industries. Without additional interventions, many of these families and workers will be forced out of town.


How Jonnycake can help

We know landlords have lots of options when it comes to renting to tenants.  The Jonnycake Center will work with landlords to find a package of incentives that are designed to improve your rental experience with modest-income, working households and/or those using federal housing vouchers.  Here is a list of possible incentives we can provide:

  • Access to risk mitigation funds to cover unpaid rent or excess damage
  • Access to Jonnycake property maintenance services and routine inspections
  • Case management for tenants to help them manage life’s challenges
  • Referrals of applicants who have completed an eight-hour certification course that encourages healthy tenant behaviors and tenant/landlord relationships

For more information contact Meghann Sparks at (401) 528-9664


How Jonnycake can help

  • Offer a free “ready to rent” certification course that prepares households to be responsible tenants and neighbors
  • Financial assistance to fill in the gaps with security deposits and income interruptions
  • A housing specialist to help find a suitable unit
  • Case management to help secure services and resources to help with issues so they don’t cause a problem with housing stability

For more information contact Ashley at (401) 789-1559 ext. 10