Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the new building?

The new building is located at 22 Kersey Road, Peace Dale. It is the former Peace Dale Grammar School.

When will renovations be complete?

Renovations are underway and we hope to move in by the start of winter this year, December 2021.

What will be housed at the new building?

The new facility will house the Jonnycake Market, our food pantry that will recreate a true grocery store experience.  Our members services team and administrative staff will be co-located in the new facility and the building will feature a large community room equipped with a modern kitchen to host cooking classes, wellness initiatives, our free tax site, and more. Our goal is to provide safe, effective, and efficient services under one roof. Jonnycake Thrift will remain at 1231 Kingstown Road in the rotary in Peace Dale.

Will the building be accessible to people with disabilities?

The building will be accessible, safe, and easy to navigate. A ramp will be available to travel from the parking lot to the first floor and a limited use elevator is being installed for travel between the first and second floor.

Will you be keeping the original woodwork and chalkboards?

Our goal is to retain as many of the original features of the building as possible. We have instructed the general contractor to preserve the chalkboards, woodwork, doors, staircases, and wood floors in every possible instance.

Will you be retaining the look and feel of the exterior of the building?

The building will look very similar to the existing appearance. The structure will be unchanged from its original design. New windows are being installed that will replicate the appearance of the original windows. We determined this was necessary for both energy-efficiency and safety. The original windows are being gifted to a local craftsman. We have chosen high quality cedar impression shingles that will provide aesthetic and performance qualities that we believe will maintain the original look of the building. This is being done to minimize ongoing maintenance expenses and ensure the longevity of the renovation and life of the building. Although this building is not located in the historic district of Kingston and is not on the National Register of Historic Places, our goal is to maintain as many of the original features as possible.