Projects in the Pipeline

The Center has submitted a master plan application to renovate its Green Street property. Currently, the building has four very small two-bedroom units.  Our plan is to raze the building and replace it with a two-story, four-unit dwelling with two three-bedroom units and two four-bedroom units. We have engaged Wojcik Architects and DiPrete Engineering to lead the project through planning, surveying, and construction oversight.  The drawings are very preliminary and will be updated this spring.
Anticipated completion: 2024

The Center is repurposing its thrift store to serve as a welcoming space for middle and high school students to spend time after school and during vacations. In addition to enrichment opportunities and tutoring, the space will serve as a hub for youth to access trusted community partners for recreation, community service, and more. Most importantly, it will be a safe place where young people can thrive and develop healthy relationships with their peers and adult mentors.  Currently, no such place exists in South Kingstown or the surrounding area. 
Anticipated completion: Fall 2024

A fire at 56 Kersey Road prompted a thorough review of two former mill houses we acquired in 2021. Our team plans to renovate both buildings to increase the number of units from five to eight. Anticipated completion: 2025.